Sunday, February 10, 2008

Congrats Heavy Iron!

I went to the Annies this past Friday night and THQ (Heavy Iron) won best animation for a video game!! Congrats Ellis and Marty!

Best Animated Video Game

Avatar: The Last Airbender “The Burning Earth” – THQ, Inc.

Bee Movie Game – Activision

Ratatouille – THQ, Inc.*

Transformers: The Game – Blur Studios

Actually Ratatouille walked away with 10 awards. You can see the full results here.


Mr Goodson said...

Thanks Jeff. A lot of hard work and aggravation went into that work. Thankfully, I didn't have to do any of it. I did some models and some concepts. Marty did a lot of critiquing and pushing the animators. Keeping the ship pointed in the right direction. The animators themselves, headed by Gary Myers and Mike Dietz, could kick ass on any animation project. The team is very happy when news of the award arrived late Friday. Considering they are burning midnight oil to do the same sort of hard work to finish Walle. Friday was pretty much "pencils down" for Walle. Beautification is all that occurs now.

Beats hell out of Backyard Wrestling2.

rickart said...

Congrats, guys! Well done!

Mr Goodson said...

And Kyle Kirby. Musn't forget Kyle Kirby who lead animation and took the stage to get the award. He and I share a mixed martial art enthusiasm. Kyle has his pictuure taken with almost every fighter in Pride and the UFC. And he is the animators animator.

Davis Chino said...

Jeff, thanks fer the "shout out", as the young people say. Everybody worked real hard on that one. And Ellis was our designated rat-keeper, a weighty responsibility which he is modestly trying to hide from everyone, (with a 50% survival rate--not bad).

Jeff, I'm sorry "Surf's Up" didn't sweep everything. You know we are BIG fans, and I think it deserved A LOT more public approbation. The cognoscenti know, and I always hear great things about it from everybody who's seen it.

Ellis, that's awesome that Kyle accepted the award!

Mr Goodson said...

Hey Marty. Ed Scholfield says you're writing. How's it going? We could go to a violent movie. I haven't seen There will BE Blood.

We (H.I.) miss your good humour and empathy.

Thankfully I don't need any balding empathy.