Saturday, February 02, 2008

Good Character Blog and Photoshop Brushes

Click the title for link.

The illo shows a character design assignment of Stephen Silver's fashioning.

Do a attention to detail portrait study noting important feature details and then force those details onto new geometry. Square, round, triangular.

The blog also has great links. I bought a couple of his book recommendations

But especially get the photoshop brushes he links to.

I was tickled with how much the charcoal 1 he recommends feels like a real honest to god pencil.
Stick it in your photoshop presets , load it and try it.

(added a couple of hours later) And he reviews the 12 inch cintiq ( doesn't like the number of cables)


rickart said...

These are great! Each one, each different shape, works well. When I do a characiture I'm always looking for the head shape that is already there.... I never thought to make the head work with what ever shape I come up with.

Mr Goodson said...

Rick, did you download those ps brushes. They're nice.

Stephen Silver has a new book coming out soon.
I'll buy it but it's a bit skinny at 48 pages.

rickart said...

I didn't find them, but I will look again!

Mr Goodson said...

over in the left hand column you'll see photshop brushes which takes you to a review page and then you have to go to the download page

rickart said...

got em! Thanks! They look very cool! I'll post something that I've made with them in the next couple of days.