Thursday, February 28, 2008

Atypical Couple In Love

Here's another one. Again if any of you guys want to check out the other artist's takes on this, go to:
Jeff eats his own poo.


Mr Goodson said...

It won't last.

These are great. We're watching a book happen.

Have you got your pro reg material like Rick? Anybody? I haven't got mine

Jeff said...

He should have gone mylar. Those last longer.

Yes I eat my own poo. And this is news in what way?

Tom Moon said...

Another fat guy with a perversion... I love it, but fat people are going to start sending you hate mail!

Tom Moon said...

All you Mokosos guys do great work. That JMD fellow really blows me away, and Jose Emroca Flores' stuff is outstandingly creative and delightful. Tell them I said so.