Saturday, February 23, 2008

Gerber Obit

Click the headline for an Obit from Slate.


Mr Goodson said...

Mark Evanier is archiving Gerber's Blog. It's morbid but like movies about people dying, it gives you a good reality check about what is important in life. The guy fought it right till the end. I've not read many Manthings or H the Duck. Reading that Obit, I may look for some Manthing. Giant Size Man Thing, lol. That would be a copy to look for.

rickart said...

I haven't either... I came in pretty late to that party. I recall Dr. Bong had a bell for a head and a clapper for a hand. Also, I had a H the D b&w where Howard returned to Duckworld where there were Duck versions of real world and Marvel characters, all with bad puns for names... and Michael Golden art... nice looking package but a pretty pointless story.