Friday, December 21, 2007


This is also a part of the "Kindle" story. This is one possibility as the cover of my next self-published sketchbook. These Imp creatures are seemingly silent servant who cause a lot of havoc. Generally short in stature, very fit and very fond of mechnical things.


Tom Moon said...

Well, they're all beautiful drawings. I think the one on the bottom is the strongest. I especially like the decorative pattern on the cloth. This piece seems the most finished; the most self-assured, and evokes a specific feeling while at the same time remaining enigmatic. The golden light falling on the front figure is beautiful.

The middle one seems the least finished. I read the white paint on the face as Joker-style pancake make-up but I'm not sure what the white on the shoulders, breasts and arms is. Tattoo? Highlights? In earlier versions of this painting I remember you were trying to make the figure seem to be flying towards us. The current figure I kind of read as a model in a rest pose on a stand. I'm not sure if that's what you want or not.

The top picture, "Imp" is a masterful depiction of light on form, but the texture seems to dominate over the larger form somewhat, making it just a little hard to see the figure at first glance underneath all the technology. The lights and darks are very active, maybe a little to much so.

All this critique though, is coming from a very academic place in my brain, something I feel more and more ambivalent about each year. Don't know if you should pay any attention to me. One of my favorite artists is Mark Alan Stamaty, who breaks all the rules, resulting in truly original art.

Mr Goodson said...

Dig this Dok. It hearkens back to the Leland days when the only thing keeping the company afloat was ....BATTLETOADS! God it was great to be naive and not realize how bad you had it. I don't think you ever suffered from that Dok. You knew it was all bullshit.
The Tetsuo-like organic mechanical work is really nice. I could see you treating a series of brutes with this look. I still have a really nice cyborg mountain gorilla that Jeff bought me for speaking at Cal arts.

Do enough of these and you've got a pitch for MacFarland toys. It could never be a DC comic cover though. Unless they only object to elbows made from penises ala Lobo by Bisley. (Hint, the right knee cap.)

Great work. Is it like this in finished form in the sketchbook or is it enhanced and digitally painted into?

Since it's all still desaturated and mostly greyscale, it would be great as a beginning on a color digital painted version.

rickart said...

It is so great to see you and your drawings back on the TAG blog!

Here's my 2 cents...
Of the 3 this one inspires my curiosity the most... who is this guy? Is he yelling at someone who is there or is he just yelling at the world? I want to call this one "Scrooge 3000". The little guy (kid?) below is also intriguing. The composition doesn't grab me as much as the other drawings… it seems a little flat.

I don't have any idea what this drawing "means", but I don't particularly care because I really like looking at it... the hands are wonderful and the perspective on the figure is inviting. I also like how the hair/cloud seems to be holding her up. The composition on this is also very attractive.

This one is the strongest of the 3 as a straight illustration... this guy has bold, confident lines, an dynamic pose and a strong composition. The figure has personality, weight and energy. I think he's just terrific.

All 3 drawings are sketchbook worthy (at least I would put them in MY sketch book if I could get away with it).

Dok said...

Thanks for the comments guys!! They help e n o r m o u s l y and I hope you are not holding back.

Dok said...

Tom - thank you for the kind words, first off. I love hearing the "b" word I must admit. Doesn't happen too often but when it does it makes up for all the "i" word offerings. They'll often say something like "Hmm. Well. Interesting! Really.. sort of.. interesting." Heh.

Agree with you regards the middle one, "Angel Hair..." I see the figure as floating in the air, almost breaking up into the air. So I need to make that clearer - thanks. The white stuff is kind of a note to myself to add variations on the eventual skin color and values. But I agree that it creates a joker or mask feeling on the face. I will probably follow that along. I want her to feel like someone who's hiding their real emotions. Yes, the farthest from finished of these 3.

Good warning on lights/darks with "Imp". Also may try some soft color variations to ID the fig apart from the tech.

I like paying attention to you Tom, we all do. Because damnit you're worth it and we like you! And if you ever wanted to you'd make a great editor, along with your other accomplishements!

The artist you mention is one I'll google. Your link... lead me to donuts?

Dok said...


Great insights, thank you! Heh. "BattleToads!" I had not thought about them in sooo long. Heh. You know I think a little "Bucky O'Hare" Toad quality is here too. Hadn't really noticed til now!

leland paid me to draw, and that's what I sincerely appreciated from them. And I got to meet some truly fantastic people.

Sometimes old employers remind me of old girlfriends. No matter how odd they seemed in some ways, at least they liked me for a period of time, and for that I remain both stunned and grateful.

Thanks for thinking they're great - as Sam Gamgee said, "praise from the praiseworthy is reward indeed."

The Imp was a line and tone drawing that got a lot more highlights in PShop. More color sounds good to me too and may help with a Tom Moon comment.

LMAO about the knee THANK YOU ELLIS!

Toy pitches? I'd never thought of it! Huh.

Dok said...


Citwalk - thanks! And I agree about some depth issues to resolve. As posted, I think I'll take Mia's advice and put the intended movie posters into cooler color, which may help some.

"Angle Hair" - so glad you see her as largely intended. I want to finish off the cloud / atmospheric feel to the air next. A Jeffrey Jones interview made a big impression on me - I need to create the _air_ that the fig occupies.

"Imp" - thanks! Your work rocks me and always will.

rickart said...

Air! Ha! I had a professor in college who had us all painting quick 3 minute paintings on butcher paper on our hands and knees... he went on and on about painting the air that an artist views his subject through. He always referred to it as this "pea soup" that we exist in.
I have a much greater appreciation for that sort of thinking now and I've been trying to incorporate it in the digital paintings I've been working on lately.