Friday, December 28, 2007

Thumbnailing Joy

Cracking my copy of Frazetta's Rough Work open to inspire thumbnails for prehistoric figure studies.
The first page shows my common mistake of starting too large. The big one in the middle, taking up almost all the 8 by 10 size of the sketchbook. In spite of all my practical experience that all my best drawings are done the size of a large post it. I'll post a couple more thumbnail series as I do them.

I deleted the first page for taking up too much space without adding much joy


Mr Goodson said...

I'm going to develop the last one in the series. I had originally envisioned the spear as piercing the top jaw down to the bottom. Now I see a better pose in the arms coming about if I think of the spear as just going into the lower jaw and through the tongue with the spear forming a pry angle that doesn't allow closing.

Mr Goodson said...

Go to my other blog to see some more of my flurry of creativity

rickart said...

These are very cool... you remind me of Frazeta, but I see more Ellis here than anyone else.

How was everyone's Christmas? I am writing this message from a hotel room in Weed, CA (no, as far as I know they don't grow any here). We are on our way to Seattle where we will see Ronnie and goof off for a few days.

I got a set of 2 Japanese King Kong movies... great stuff! Sue got an Iphone... geez that is a pretty impressive device. I'm not a big technophile, but this thing does it all, and it does it all pretty gracefully.

Mr Goodson said...

King Kong Escapes.? That's a Rankin Bass co production. You can see a lot of Rudolph The Red Nosed Raindeer compared to the usual TOHO production.

Sounds like you're having a good Christmas. Say hi to Ronnie.

Enjoy Weed. Don't overindulge.

Tom Moon said...

Ellis, on your recommendation I bought "Rough Work" with the pillowy cover. You're right. It's a very cool, inspirational book. The roughs are sometimes better than the finished paintings.

Mr Goodson said...

Great Tom. Glad you like it. My favorite anecdote is where the author talks about people that think if they just know what tools an artist is using there will be secret technique transference. Some guy asks what kind of watercolor Frazetta is using and he says, "some Mickey Mouse set." The guy asking finds the set of color, and Mickey is literally on the package. Something straight out of the drugstore stationary supply. Ha.
The art that is preliminary for paintings is the most illuminating. They do a lot of space filler with about half of it that isn't truly 'roughs." They are line drawings that are as finished as they were ever meant to be. A minor cheat compared to the inclusion of the real stuff.

Dok said...

Very cool - I like both the middle one and that last one for further development. Lots of movement and swirling danger!