Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Cintiq Sketchbook!

For Krayonzilla with love:

This month, Wacom is releasing a “sketchbook” version of the critically-acclaimed Cintiq drawing tablet. Cintiqs are tablets with built-in LCD screens so you can draw directly on the image. This new 12WX model is only 26cm x 16cm and a full 8 kilograms lighter than its big-sister, the 21UX. In short, the new Cintiq is a lot more portable.

Here’s the catch: the Cintiq 12WX is only available in Europe for now. I notice it’s available on the Amazon.co.uk site, but apparently won’t ship before Christmas. Here’s a YouTube demo for the little beauty, so you can see it in action (crummy and lo-rez but exciting nonetheless):


Mr Goodson said...

More DS Lite examples


You know this cintiq sketchbook doesn't carry around onboard software right? It's just a interactive monitor. It's kind of misleading wheer that video shows the girl bopping around with her portable device. But she has to arrive somewhere where there exists a computer to use it.
It's what I want early sometime next year. Hint Buncake.

rickart said...

Still... it's over 1700 US dollars! I didn't pay much more than that for my tablet.

Tom Moon said...

Rick, so your setup is basically a whole laptop with a Cintiq-like screen? And unlike what they are advertising here, you can carry it around anywhere like a sketchbook and just plop down in the middle of a field and start drawing? Well shoot, I'd much rather have your setup. How many hours of power to you have before the battery needs recharging?

rickart said...

There’s a 3 hour charge for the battery I currently have.... I think you can get one with a bigger charge, or you can invest in a back up battery. and of course you can plug it into the wall and go on for as long as you like.

I think the display would be a little hard to see outside, but I enjoyed having it with my on my recent trip. I used it at the airport and the houses we stayed at.

It has a swivel screen so that you can swing it around and close it over your keyboard... in that configuration it's around the size of a large sketchbook. I got a tablet with the largest screen size I could find, so mine is a bit heavier than your typical tablet.

My one complaint is that the pen tracking in Photoshop is a bit off from the tracking on the desktop... I suspect that there is a setting that I haven't found yet that will fix this problem. Even with this issue, I've had some success with the drawings I've done so far.

Krayonzilla said...

Too damn small. Mr Goodson is right it's misleading,"the girl bopping around with her portable device." makes you think its a full CPU. I'll hold out and get the 21 inch next year. Plus the $800 difference in price from the large one. can't justify it. Now$800-$900 SRP. that would be worthwhile.