Friday, December 21, 2007


Who's there? Dok. Dok!

It's come to my attention that my attention has been elsewhere. But now it's back as far as I can tell. How about you?

Got some show and tell. I show and you tell me where it all went tragically wrong. These are samples from my next sketchbook. I can really use some crits, please?

Not many are done, so there's still time to fix 'em. More to come over the next few days - fair warning. I hope to find one or two of these that might be worth working up further for a Spectrum submission. Deadline for which is January 25th, btw!


Mr Goodson said...

Very inspiring Dok. I'm going to try and whip out a lot of faux frazetta thumbnails myself for a future sketchbook. In terms of places to sell these sketchbooks, I've just got my sellers permit. I'll submit my desire for the TAG table tomorrow. We'll find out soon if I've waited too late and they'll still take my 300 bucks.

I like the strong separation from the main guy and the background characters. The brocade embossed detail of the jacket runs up into his forehead and nose making a nice flow. And again, I assume it's all done right on paper. Very impressive to a guy that takes everything he does on paper straight into photoshop.

Dok said...

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Dok said...

Congrats on the Seller's Permit! I have had the form laying around the studio but... the form had ALL these words. Scary. Kudos for you - I will find a way to follow you there.

Thanks for comments on the depth and the jacket and face lines. Yes, this one was just as you say - sketchbook pencils scanned into Photoshop. I think I was channeling a little Moebius when I worked on the jacket.

I plan to put a repeating movie poster in the four panels in the background, in some cooler colors as suggested by Mia D.

The girl looking sideways at the yelling guy is Kindle, the main character in the story. She's walking the sidewalks of a city for the first time in her life. But she's been watching things on TV monitors for a long, long time.

Have you tried Alias Sketch Pro? Best "drawing" feel I've ever come across digitially. A quick, relatively cheap and simple drawing program that I first saw on Glenn Vilppu's laptop!

Mr Goodson said...

Sketchbook pro is what Steven Silver swears by.

rickart said...

OOOOoooohhh.... sketch program... must investigate!

BTW, Dok, the table that Ellis is arranging is for TAG... you can sell there, too, if you are willing to chip in with the rest of us (Ellis, Jeff, Tom C. & myself, last time I checked) The more the merrier, I say!

Dok said...

Thanks for the invite - yes I'd be delighted to chip in on the table! Great news!