Friday, December 21, 2007

Hellboy II: The Golden Army


Mr Goodson said...

Has a nice fast loading higher rez version. I'm looking forward to this in spite of all the misfires of the first one. I guess Del Toro has won me completely over with Labyrinth. What struck me and got the most enthusiasm from me was the rocks coming to lfe. That seemed very Hellboy. The hard to buy part will be the vampire Ninjas.

Surly Bird said...

I didn't really care for the first part of this trailer, but loved the latter part when the BPRD showed up. I liked the first movie fine when it focused on the main Hellboy story. The romantic part with Liz didn't work for me and I failed to understand why Del Toro made Hellboy an urban legend and had him sneaking out of the Bureau all the time. One of the cooler aspects of the comics was how nonchalantly Hellboy interacted with regular people. They never seemed shocked or alarmed to be talking to a seven-foot tall bright red devil or a walking talking Creature from the Black Lagoon.