Tuesday, December 04, 2007

2 items of interest

First one, an examination of Hitchcock... did he really do it all by himself?


And the other is a terrific little site where you can load up your bitmap art and it will turn it into vector art... be sure to watch the "how to use this site" video... it's very slick, easy to use and it has common sense functionality:



Tom Moon said...

They're both the same link.

Mr Goodson said...

yeah, and the essay writer that seemed to be surprised that Hitchcock didn't do his own special effects needs to get over it. Psycho, one of his best, was just an expanded Hitchcock Presents TV program. Done during that time period with the same people pumping the shows out.
I'll be interested in the bitmap to vector program link.

rickart said...


sorry about that, guys!

rickart said...

Okay, fixed it in the original post, too.