Saturday, September 19, 2015

Eric Haven book. Birthday Present from Marty

The cartoonist that does Bed Man.
Which is included in this book. 
In fact, all the online stuff is in the book.
My new favorite is Race Murdock.

Thanks Marty. Love this work.


Tom Moon said...

I love my copy too! Thanks again Marty and Blair!

Surly Bird said...

This is wickedly funny stuff. Found myself laughing out loud at the 'New Yorker' comic, in particular. I'm just a boy at heart.

MrGoodson2 said...

That's the one that really cracked me up as well Ronnie.

Davis Chino said...

ELZ! So glad you dug the book! You too, Tom. Yes, Race Murdock is a great strip! I want more of these!

I wrote an Amazon review for "UR" in the hopes of supporting his work...but mine cameit comes across as a pretentious sales pitch. Dang it. He deserves better. If either of you dudes have a chance, maybe put in your two cents. Couldn't hurt to get more 5 stars for him...I bought Tom's book direct from the publisher, but I got Ellis's from scAmazon specifically to make my review a "confirmed purchase." I bought my own copy from Eric himself...I still owe him big time for the great blurb he gave "FUME!"

And seriously, dudes--let's start thinking about Emerald City in 2016. Ellis, you HAVE TO come this year!!

Tom Moon said...

So you know Eric? Where did you meet him? Was he at Emerald City? I see on Amazon that he has a lot more books, and I'd like to buy more of his work but I wish he had a "Look Inside" option so I could get a closer look before buying. I think he might be a good person for me to consult and network with when I get around to printing up my stuff.

MrGoodson2 said...

I need to do the review thing on Amazon. I'll do that today.