Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Back in the saddle- Cintiq 12x- Working again

Text from the youtube upload about the expensive ordeal a Mac OS update caused me.
"I'm celebrating.
Mac OS is getting to be at least as big a pain in the ass as anything Bill Gates ever unleashed.
Attempting to update an imac to snow leopard basically nuked that imac. Many, many attempts to get that computer back failed. It was the one hooked to the cintiq. Gave me all my digital art capability.
Bought a new mac mini with Yosemite and learned that the OS won't work with most of the programs (and hardware) I could load onto it. Also don't have the ports to hook the cintiq 12 except as a stand alone monitor.
Solved that cintiq problem by buying a vga to hdmi converter. Even then I had to delete the drivers the cintiq came with and get the new cintiq drivers for yosemite from Wacom. 
Now it works.
Now 1000 dollars worth of hardware is no longer a boat anchor. 
It was a huge financial hit and very depressing. 
Cost about 600 dollars in "new" to get back in the game."

PS...Also was forced into joining the Adobe CC cabal.

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