Tuesday, June 24, 2014

New Website for Home Depot Apron Art ...

Hi, y'all ... Just an update. First, I have made a Website for my Home Depot apron designs. Here it is. The reason? I had a meeting with the District 21 HR person and made the suggestion that the district have a person in charge of aprons for special events, etc. She wasn't against it (was actually wearing one of my aprons at the time, but didn't know I had made it). Now I have a Web page for her to check out and send to the top guy in the district: The Decision Maker.

Next, I am talking to two investors to come in and fund a new company that would make two initial "popper" game prototypes, Candy Popper!! and a bulk candy version of Space Baby Patrol. One guy is considering my business plan right now (a high tech & Costa Rica teak plantation baron I met in the aisles of my Home Depot store ... go figure) and I am meeting with another tomorrow. There may be a third guy, too. Gotta give him call.

That's about it. Maybe more to follow when there are updates.


Rickart said...

Consider my fingers crossed on your behalf. :)

I like the webpage... WIX is really great and easy to use. I haven't hit their memory limit yet. I've added a couple of things to my portfolio recently. I feel pretty secure in my job at the moment, but you never know when you are going to need to show your portfolio, so it pays to keep it up to date.

MrGoodson2 said...

You continue to make lemonade with the Home Depot experience. Very nice page.
You guys have me wanting to play with WIX now.
I really need to work with SELZ actually.
Get a web store going. I quit Ebay.

Tom Moon said...

You really are building a new career out of what life has put on your plate.
Are there any legal issues with your use of copyrighted images and characters in your apron art?

Tom Carroll said...

That's an interesting question, Tom ... about the copyrighted images. I don't charge any money for the aprons, and they're one use only, then torn up and thrown away. So I am not "making a living" on other people's work, just making cool designs that one associate can wear until their apron is shredded and tossed out. So, no ... I can't imagine I will get sued by anyone, nor is it worth my while to acknowledge in print the work on the apron. Hope that helps.

Tom Moon said...

I wasn't thinking that you personally would be sued since, as you say, you aren't making money from it per se. More like, Home Depot would get in trouble since you are doing it under their employ.

But I imagine their lawyers would have clamped down on it if they thought it would be a problem. Just wondering if the subject came up at all, like if they laid down any limits or restrictions on the activity to keep out of legal trouble.

Tom Carroll said...

Sorry about not posting an answer sooner, Tom. I thought I had posted a reply, but obviously it did not get here!!

Home Depot corporate isn't really interested in what I am doing ... there are wide ranging and diverse people that do similar stuff on aprons, including the iron on T-shirt part. Others actually paint murals on special aprons (I'm not interested in that ... too labor intensive). The store loves it, though, especially the associates, and I will keep doing it as long as I have a few moments to devote to people's ideas. ;-)