Monday, June 02, 2014

More Awful...from an Ancient time

Well, more from the pyramid excavation. Scary. Top one was my first use of India Ink (1979). The rest pans down to 1983/84. I guess I drew more then when I wasn't consumed by punching a time clock job or collecting crap. That's it. All that survives from a lost decade.


Tom Moon said...

How great to see this stuff Jim. Again, if you were this good thirty years ago, think what you could do now. Even if you haven't been doing comics per se, I'm convinced the artistic brain matures on its own , kind of what Ellis is talking about. I'd love to see you recover your early passion. It's got to still be inside of you somewhere or else you wouldn't say that you miss it! That's my two cents.

JMG said...

Thanks Tom, much to ponder

MrGoodson2 said...

What Tom does is point the way. An obvious discipline, not necessarily goals, gets results. How loose was the Tom Moon disciple to get 50 plus pages of great work. How long was the Big Robot story? Even longer?

Read Outliers Jim.
You were working hard on your 10000 hours and you quit.

Just start the clock again. 10 years, maybe less, maybe more, is a long time to idle around doing nothing.

Make a Lulu book out of the old stuff. I'll buy it.

Jeff said...

Looks great Jim!! I see some Jim Starlin influence. I agree with Ellis. Keep going and never stop!!!