Sunday, June 29, 2014

Life sucks.....looks like I'm bugging out sooner

Dad has taken a turn for the worse. Busting my ass to leave this coming weekend. The stress alone is going to kill me.

UPDATE: Now my Mom was taken to the Hospital last night via ambulance .....this is unbeleavable


MrGoodson2 said...

It's going to be awful. It will be peeling an onion awful. Each layer stingier and worse than the last. For awhile. Once you get over some of the stress, the worse part, quit having stress, maybe even relax, you can re-appraise.

Do they have high speed internet you can use at your parents? Cable.

If you get that and you're at all like me, you really don't miss a lot of the other crap.

I guess July's Con won't be happening for you. You could have had a few more ,in touch, kind of goodbyes.

JMG said...

No. I have to get it installed. They have Cable but no internet. It will be my only saving grace. This is all BS. Never have I been pinned against the wall like this. My Dad's dying, My Mother is a raving zombie. I have no idea of the condition of the estate. Got no job or future in that anymore. Going to just have to liquidate my collection and live off of that until they are both gone and see what dispensation happens. I know I got the house but it's in a depressed, low value area now. I have no idea what $$$ is left. They got their hands on several relatives estates and one was sizable at last count and I have no idea what they personally had themselves. It's a shitty deal. If there is some $$$ + the sale of the house. Hell, I may move to Seattle then. Just for something new and a fresh start.

MrGoodson2 said...

Weird. I've been thinking Seattle too. Giving up on California as too expensive and politically ugly. I just want the Pacific Ocean as a thermostat again.

MrGoodson2 said...

Sorry about your Dad. It tears me up when Russell talks about how bad my Dad was at the end. I'll be guilty for the rest of my short narcissist life that I didn't move heaven and earth to be close to him for that time.

JMG said...

Well I may not have have that much time with the way things have been going. You wouldn't like Seattle either. It's a liberal bastion too. But their State seems to be prospering, High Tech presence, Some friends there, A Growing Convention, HIGH minimum wage, Lots of GREEN trees and Mountains. But the GLOOM and the Rain would be the downside but I can handle it. Just need to see where things fall in all this BS I'm going though and see what final financial position I will be in. Hell my Aunt gave up on CA and bailed to Oregon and is happy.

MrGoodson2 said...

It's not as business obtuse and as corrupt as Ca. That's the ugly I'm talking about. Cops as tax collectors. EPA as deal killers. Unions needing those pensions funded on your dime.

Ca will also get a very full brunt of the MS13 horde about to relocate from across the border. Every part of America will feel it. But Ca will get a hard crotch shot from it.

The North West is the last great instance of white flight. It won't last long. They self identify as liberals. But they like their neighborhoods homogeneous.

MrGoodson2 said...

When did you decide you were a liberal any way? Alex Jone's biggest fan.

Rickart said...

Sorry about all of your trials, Jim. I don't think anything in my past can compare, so I won't try.

Seattle (well technically speaking I only work in Seattle... my home is a few miles outside of the city limits) has been good for us. The air is cleaner, the schools are better (at least where we are) and I think the job market is starting to pick up. UI is where it's at for artists right now... lots of UI jobs in all of the game markets around the country. The gray lasts pretty long during the fall/winter months, but speaking as a kid born and bred in S.CA, I don't mind it too much. It gets a little old by March and is clears up around May. Then it's glorious during summer... not too hot.

Ellis, you aren't wrong about it being pretty white up here, although Seattle has a thriving International District (essentially a Chinatown) and there are some pockets of diversity here and there. Companies like Microsoft and Boeing would like to loosen up immigration laws for more work visas for engineers and the like, so stay tuned.
Yes, it's pretty liberal in the city, but you don't need to go too far outside of Seattle to find some more conservative views. East of the Cascades it gets even more conservative.

Good luck with your folks and such. You have a lot on your plate, but be sure to snatch a few moments for yourself here and there... it will do wonders for your sanity.

JMG said...

Rick, you have no idea. My trials started when I was born no thanks to the stupidity of my Mother. Oh the HORRORS I can tell over the years. Henry can attest to this so I have a witness. The more I talk to my sisters and my last Aunt I know the evil my Mother perpetuated on our family as a whole. One thing I know. If she has squandered the estate $$$ she has stolen from the rest of us, I will flush her ashes down the toilet as a fitting end. I know what evil is....I've lived and dealt with it for years. It explains my many quirks and flaws.

Tom Moon said...

Jim, hope you will be able to find some peace after you get through this difficult time in your life. Good luck.

JMG said...

Only time will tell Tom.

BDMontag said...

Can't really chime in on your degree of hurt and rage. But wanted to know I feel for you. I know how the rug has been pulled out from a lot of us in the job market. Do you self teach or community college your way into a Web this or game that and hope that something comes of it or do you listen to the great universal "secret" crowd, who ironically overlap with the uber self reliant folks, and decide to follow your own specious being, and, at least their claim is, success will follow.

Your anger is justified, but you have to compartmentalize it. Maybe this is a purging fire and you'll find a direction for yourself when this is over. Good luck to you, Jim.

JMG said...

Thanks Ben

MrGoodson2 said...

I'm with Ben on purging fire.

If your Mom doesn't make it, what time you have left with your Dad might be better time.

I know she is the main pain you have with the parents.

At the same time it is hard to pray for your Mom to die.

It would take pressure of the Dad as well.

You'll have to adjust to whatever occurs.

JMG said...

Doesn't really matter. In a year, things will have drastically changed as they will probably both be gone. I'll have property to sell or keep and maybe a bit more. Then I'll make some decisions as to my future. Getting out of here is the problem at this point. All this cleaning and crap. Wears me out