Monday, January 13, 2014

Getting over a cold

Drew this after I did a little work on the light table.
Hope my energy is back tomorrow.
I could use it.
Some interesting history of that period not so long ago 1995.
Mike Kennedy sued out of business.
I've met Mike a couple of times now. Nice guy.
Many of us were at Blue Sky. I was taking The Bounty of Zone Z to Comic-Con.
People were alive that are now dead.
Made a couple of selection channels to get quick big effects with and goofed with it.
 Index card doodle with photoshop enhancement.


Tom Moon said...

Funny you should wax nostalgic Ellis. Last night Rick forwarded me an e-mail he got from a guy named Ken Horowitz who started this website:

He writes about video games and wanted to know about the BlueSky attempt at making Aladdin. Mark Dobratz, Dave Cartt and I worked on that until the producer, "Patrick" (can't remember his last name), took it away from us and gave it to another company.

Which "formerly-alive" people are you remembering?

MrGoodson2 said...

Shel Dorf was the main guy I was thinking of. I could list quite a few people that have died from 1995 till now.

That web page looks worth surfing.
Aladdin goes on to make Dave Perry a success and allow the launch of Shiny, etc.

The Podcast is good listening. Mike is a guy that lived something you always read about. People making something into a bit of cultural trench warfare, doing their thing for bigger reasons than the people in the middle of the suits. I hope one never happens to me. Unless it sets me on easy street for the rest of my life.

MrGoodson2 said...

Sky Girl is based on Stewardess looks from the 1960s.

Davis Chino said...

Great stuff, El! Is the dialog coming from the girl? Sounds like a bit of sassy taunting before she belts him out of the stratosphere.

Sad musing about friends that are dead--but it's also bracing. Good reminder to embrace the time we've got. I'm sure that's the advice they'd give us.

Tom, funny about the Aladdin issue. You and Dobratz were still in that 1st floor corner office when I started at BlueSky...I believe you'd just gotten the word to surrender Prince Ali. That small space had a lot of leathery muscle getting flexed in frustration during that stretch. I kept my distance.

Davis Chino said...

..and sorry to hear you're under the weather, Goodson. Feel better soon, brother!

Davis Chino said...

I like how her thumb isn't connected to her hand!

And at first I thought maybe you weren't vignette'ing her low foot off the page, and were instead making a radically tiny set of tootsies...which I thought could be a whole new signature Ellis look. Can you see it?

JMG said...

Mike Kennedy sued who out of business?

MrGoodson2 said...

Mike Kennedy was sued out of business by the DA of Oklahoma City. Even with help from the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, they didn't recover. They were forced out...listen to the podcast.

I just didn't finish the foot. I was goofing with color and added her other foot as a selection matte on an adjustment layer. I'll open that flatten it and show it. Nothing much. Just goofing.

I'm much better now. Just that last bit of phlegm that inisists a cough be called up to rattle it.

JMG said...

Oh that, so called porn comic issue that a zealot went nuts on. Yeah I remember that now. Mike didn't deserve that at all

MrGoodson2 said...

Just about over the cold. Wimpy little cough left. Sore ribs from coughing hard. Exactly one week after getting the damn thing.
Ready to do some worthwhile illustration / comics.

Davis Chino said...

Go Ellis!

I like your scimitar-wielder...

"Hassan CHOP!"