Monday, January 27, 2014

I'll do the color and add to this thread

SCUD turns 20 this Wednesday.
Invitation from Rob Schrab to the public to send him Birthday Cards.
To me it's like Tank Girl.
Always dug the art and never read them closely.
 Stole some color scheme notions from Sugar Rush in Wreck It Ralph
 I added the rough so you could tell me you wish it looked more like the rough.


Davis Chino said...

These look great! You draw the character so solidly--and yet with such vivacity.


Beata said...

I just wish it looked more like the rough.

Beata said...

Not really.

What I like about these:
• The candles all look like his head. (Does that mean he's a hothead?)
• It looks like the cake is accommodating exactly 20 candles. (nice attention to detail)
• your portrayal of so much action and ... vivacity (Hi, Marty!)
• your smart use of color. (Yeah, you heard right.)

P.S. Why the broken heart?

MrGoodson2 said...

Thanks guys. Rob Schrab RTed it so I'm happy.
Beata, he has a broken heart I think because he is the only self aware deiposable assassin.
The story is , his spec sheet was stuck to his shoulder.
He reads his variety of synthetic being blows up the moment his assigned hit is accomplished.
He figures a way around that by putting his victim on life support and has his half life and search for meaning after that.
Today's assignment an art portfolio for Hobby Lobby. I've already written an essay on the Hobby Lobby style.

MrGoodson2 said...

The color scheme came straight out of color picks made from Sugar Rush jpgs from Wreck It Ralph.