Friday, January 03, 2014


Back from our holiday in Virginia. Good times. My arm is getting better.

We watched "Now You See Me" (am I wrong to want to tack an ellipses on the end of this?). Y'know, that recent film about a rag-tag foursome of magician pulling some kind of bank job and upsetting rumpled FBI agent Mark Ruffalo in the process?
In my inexpert opinion, this movie is a great example of poor directing. There is bad writing here, to be sure, (whoever came up with that "twist ending" should have some sort of legal liability toward anyone who purchased a ticket), and what I'm criticizing as "directing" might be the result of a weak director pulled in too many conflicting directions by outside forces (maybe the stars, or the producers or marketers--or even his astrologist, by the looks o' things), but the inconsistent characterization, and ham-handed attempt at (as magicians call it) "misdirection" time and again blows any interest he is able to generate in the story and/or characters.

Very frustrating. Esp'ly 'cuz there were some promising elements, (magic! revenge against bad banks!). And good actors (Morgan Freeman! Michael Caine!). And an intriguing set-up...or three.

All of which the director completely fumbles...and then tries to hide with gimmicky, cliché montages of:
Police convoys!
Hi-fructose hand-to-hand combat!
Endless foot pursuits! (hey! let's have them chase the bad guys into a Mardi Gras parade! Yeah, that's original!)...and hi-tech-y surveillance type stuff (kids today love tech!)...and super-involved, who-gives-a-crap car chases!! And fake deaths!!...and...and...ugh.

On the plus side: Woody Harrelson.
 But seriously--if you're looking for an irritant that might provoke you to actually physically punch your viewing device, watch this movie all the way to the end. Even the actors seemed to throw up their hands and say, "Whatever."


JMG said...

Always tops Marty!

MrGoodson2 said...

Link this around. Double post using your tumblr so it's all you.

This film reviewing plus caricatures is a gold mine. Great caricatures and great writing about what not to like about the movie. High fructose fight scenes. Know exactly what you're talking about. An audience would drop in just to check out the language as well as the drawing. Duncan Shephard who draws.

Tom Moon said...

Great caricatures, especially Mark Ruffalo! The review makes we just want to read a synopsis and know the twist ending to see if I am as disgusted as you were.

MrGoodson2 said...

Now You See Me (Pray you don't) that's good stuff Marty.

Rickart said...

Super fun! As always!

MrGoodson2 said...

Woody Harrelson has it. Love him in No Country For Old Men. Need to see if Kingpin is on Netflix instant.