Saturday, March 26, 2011

Wendling Now

I feel like I've got a little cold blooded anatomy down.
Now I'm going to do more bridgemanesque type drawings, copy Wendling, Frazetta.
Point being to have a lot of sweep and gesture, then draw the horse. I have good skulls going lately.
I've got a kind of quick parrot-looking symbol I do for the skull and I seem to easily find my way to a horse head from there.

Adding a podcast where Doug T talks about Manga Studio.

Hey, click the headline for a great way to view superior, large scans of Frazetta art.
Notice the little palette squares next to each painting
My own side by side paste of the edit Frazetta did on the Eerie 3 cover.
I always preferred the cat girl above. And I definitely like more about the monster and background in the original Eerie.

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MrGoodson2 said...

I surfed onto the Frazetta site because I entered a search for Mrs Pollifax. Frazetta had done the movie poster. The credit roll featured more an Audrey Hepburn proportioned character. I wondered if it had been based on a Modesty Blaise type of character.