Wednesday, March 16, 2011

2nd Sci Fi prop pairing

This second pairing has a weak first panel as well. It needs more detail or something.


Tom Moon said...

I think you meant "access" with two "c's"?

I think the weakness of the first panel is that I don't sense a strong flavor to the mechanism. It doesn't spark my imagination as to what its purpose is. The most eye-catching elements are the glowing green tubes that suggest fuses. Maybe they should be emphasized more somehow?

Davis Chino said...

I see what Tom's saying, but I do really like clarity of the structure in these--seem very 3D already.

I thought it was a speed boat!

MrGoodson2 said...

The radiator shape with the two shapes on stalks, reduce to just the radiator shape and put your emphasis on finishing the eye appeal of the tubing going into the housing. Maybe reduce the gleam on the sharp edge of the radiator shape.
The engine housing, I would stretch the cloths-pin shape to cover the area of the tubing on that far side. I think that shape would more clearly be an integrated whole that way.
Then you might add one more (make it 4) light emitting parts to the engine. And drop the shape glimpsed beyond the motor entirely in favor of a ( complete supporting shelf biased to the direction of the motor,
or just amorphous other lights, barely seen outlines, still biased to the supporting shelving direction.)
I feel that cropped shape currently seen in the housing draws the eye wrong and makes for a expectation of a see through to an un-integrated part.

Dok said...

Great comments!

As with the previous pairing, I will only put the generator into the port. But I'll copy your ideas into the file's photoshop notes for future fixes.

And I definitely see the Chris-craft speed boat shape. The concept should either support that more fully or the silhouette should be changed altogether.

"Silhouette".. always tough for me to spell. I have to double check myself on that word every single time. Feels like a French language import into English.

Speaking of spelling - great catch Tom!

MrGoodson2 said...

I was always using the word silhouette to make a ppint and having to use spell check to correct it. I finally got the brain to remember "sil" with one l and to sound out the rest of it like Johnny Carson was doing his nasally "hoohoo" comic voice.