Monday, March 21, 2011


My famous Artist How to Draw animals is the better book. I feel like my invention is getting better and a little less wrong.
I had my comparative notions all wrong about the front leg. I knew the back leg had the big femur high and buried in the buttock and other muscle.
But the front leg I didn't realize the little upper arm was so buried in shoulder muscle.
The heads are still big dog like but the famous artist book is opening my eyes about the structure and rhythm.


Davis Chino said...

Looking very good, El. I esp'ly like the scratchy tonal one in the upper center rt--like a Bernie Fuchs study!

I better get started on catching up to you!

MrGoodson2 said...

There's no catching me now. I've been reviewing my Marshall Vandruff, how to draw animals DVD.

You know I'm following you by several lengths Marty.

Davis Chino said...

Love the head studies--the ones with the side lighting. And esp'ly the ominous, scratchy figure in the Chinese-style hat.

Looking cool!