Friday, December 17, 2010

My Notes

Straightened the angle of the cuff. Made the hands less wandering in form. Smaller hand parts here and there. Made the trigger finger go around the trigger. Made the bikini babes bigger, breaking out , overlapping. Moved the nose out over the mouth filtrum a bit. Reduced wrinking on the suit, shot a straighter line down the arm.
Also diminished the drop shadow between mask and flesh.
The biggest thing I'd change about what I did in careless fast mode. Bikini girl on the right, have her just as big, but move her to the right and break out of the circle even more and have the hand not lie under the nose. I'd also drop the art element of the bullet bandoleer as I have done.
Maybe bring the size of the word balloon and the type down just a wild hair.
I like this quite a bit by the way. I like it more than anyone since I got in close to it and thought about it. Great illsutration bits. Nice composition. I like the credits array too,


Tom Carroll said...

Sorry for double posting; meant to add this here.

Hah ... I like the way that E. Goodson got double billing on the new version. Once for original content, once for cover notes, I presume. Maybe I WILL add you in again, but as a clever anagram:

Ellison Doogs
Nellis Osgood
Solo Goldeins

MrGoodson2 said...

I wondered if you'd catch my doubling my credit

Tom Carroll said...

Oh, and I think that "illsutration" is an incredibly underutilized word in blog postings these days. Like the Coelacanth, it only makes an appearance every now and then.

Tom Moon said...

I think it would be funny if it turned out that Ellis was the original artist too. I'll put my two cents in shortly.

MrGoodson2 said...

It would be funny if I was the original artist and forgot about it. That's about where my memory is set these days