Saturday, December 11, 2010


Tom. Sorry. I'll make up for it by sharing an important part of the knowledge of how I animated this.

You guys doing your boards may appreciate this if you don't already know it.
I got it from a Derek Thompson Gnomon DVD called Conceptual Storyboarding.
How to use layer comps to let you do animatics or storyboards with single PSD layered files.
I think the attachment is all the tutorial reference you need for your own experiments.
A layer comp is just you deciding what you want to SHOW in a PSD, multi-layer file at any one time. Allowing you to animate elements over the same background. Then export those comps any way you want them. Jpgs , a PDF, whatever the options are under that script menu.
Hope you find this fun. Made me want to do a short subject with one PSD when i first saw it.


MrGoodson2 said...

Doesn't animate too well I know. More like pulses.
But I whipped it out.
When you use the trick of the comps to make jpgs,
then you make another psd with all those newly unified jpgs and open the animation window, make frames from layers, edit for timing, export for the web as a gif.

Tom Moon said...

I love this Ellis, and the fact that you used the robot for it. Makes me think of all sorts of ideas!

MrGoodson2 said...

Tell me if there is anything unclear about what I'm detailing about layer comps. Anyone with a question.
This instance here was three groups. With elements slightly different in each group. I made a layer comp with just one group showing at a time. for a total of three layer comps. Then used that script to make flat jpgs.

Rickart said...

Adobe Catalyst is supposed to be able to rapidly convert PSDs into all sorts demo ready interactive concept projects.