Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Click Headline for A famous Artist Course on Clothing Folds

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Davis Chino said...

I need to see your version of Lil'Abner.

Tom Moon wants to see it, too.

MrGoodson2 said...

I always liked the drawings of the blonde version of Abner. I guess he was a cousin. Had a crewcut. I guess he reminded me of my Dad.
The greatest memory of Lil Abner was an alien life form, that looked just like a hot dog, was accidentally eaten as a hot dog. Sent a thrill through me of revulsion and joy at the same time.

Tom Moon said...

The blonde crewcut version of Li'l Abner was his younger brother, Tiny Yokum. He was humorously shoehorned into the strip as a "long-lost" brother. I'm pretty sure his function was to fill the role of eligible bachelor pursued by matrimonially-minded girls of Dogpatch after Abner and Daisy Mae tied the knot.

Tom Carroll said...

My favorite memory of L'il Abner was a week's run that had a little caterpillar that did nothing but shout "I am the reincarnation of James K. Polk!!" ... Hilarity ensued. I would like to find reprints of those, have googled the line and such, but haven't found any visual links. Have they reprinted all of them?