Sunday, May 24, 2009

Remember This?

Shot sometime around the time we did our 'pencil test" night.
Title is a link to my "animation"
Ron's animation still blows me away. I'll post those at some point as well.
Buncake had a simple but technically impressive one. Did a tough camera move.


Kali Fontecchio said...

I liked the clouds animated in that piece in the link!

Mr Goodson said...

Thanks Kali. Compressing the video makes the 'animation" even cruder. We had fun that night.

rickart said...

I heard Jeff apologize 3 times during that video, and I got to hear Ellis' distinctive laugh. Neat video... got any more?

I seem to recall on my first TAG night that Eric was still working on his animation... I think most everyone else was done or had thrown in the towel.

Mr Goodson said...

That's right. This project spanned a few meeting nights. Now I'm less impressed with myself. I thought "not bad for 3 hours effort."

Jeff said...

I miss Ron!! Sorry I kept saying sorry. Sorry. Oh the good ol days. Ellis, your animation was awesome!!! I have lots of video from the old days. When I retire I'll post them directly to your cortex.