Thursday, May 28, 2009

I NEED to play Free Realms!!!

So far our game is doing pretty well. Here at SOE we are counting on this scene being played out in 100 million homes all over the world . Maybe she should be the new star of our next ad campaign.


Mr Goodson said...

That video is funny as hell. It circulated around here yesterday.
No, it was on facebook from somebody.
Anyway, is this going to be bigger than Everquest?

Tom Moon said...

We all hope so. Just one really humungous profit-sharing check and I'll be set for life.

rickart said...

Well, it's already passed EQ in concurrent subscriptions, yes?

Tom Moon said...

Well, it's had 2 million people sign up to play, but it's initially free, and we make our money if people decide to buy the "extras". So it's a different business model, and a little hard to compare the two at this point.