Saturday, May 02, 2009

Kirby Study Tonight

I did some scanning. I'm going to write a bit about Kirby style, then I'm going to draw a little. With my little cintiq.
Results tomorrow.


Deane D said...

That's neat, but who's Snaky?

Mr Goodson said...

I did a quick tracing of a page from New Gods. That was a lot of fun. I'm going to try and do some "original" art where I try and look like Kirby. Bruce Timm does a great job at it.

I'll post that when i do it. I lost my traced page. Didn't save it properly i suppose.

Here's a couple of notes I made looking through a new ESSENTIAL THOR I bought today. (All BW Kirby art, awesome)

1.Kirby's perspective is always about that of a 50 mm lens. Normal viewing planes, nothing tricky or curvilinear

2.Kirby Crops his figures mercilessly. Making them seem to fill the panel that much more.

3. Overlapping more important than perspective to Kirby. Overlaps in almost all panels.

4. Never scrupulous on detailing anatomy. All big shapes and mass.

5.His best inkers don't hatch a lot.
Those that did hatch bring his energy level down.

That's all i got now.

rickart said...

Those are all great observations... especially the cropping thing.

BTW, folks, be sure to swing by the TAG North blog and give some encouragement!

Mr Goodson said...

Extra style note about Kirby. You can never forget the SPEED he was doing this work. Speed is a design element. A slow meticulous attempt at Kirby copy would probably fail

Kali Fontecchio said...

I think you can do it Ellis!!