Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Books I'm Checking Out

In trying to get better on some of my art / digital art, I've checked out some offerings from Ballistic Publishing (the title of this blurb takes you there). I like the Massive Black volume best ... approachable, and you see some of the M.B. members' personal works. d'Artiste has some step-by-step pieces showing how the pieces were designed and executed (but sometimes the steps are much more like leaps of faith). Exotique4 is just as its name suggests ... but I'm not sure I'll ever be this good (or dedicated ...).

Your thoughts: appreciated.


rickart said...

We dedicated a team lunch to watching a video of one of the Massive Black guys (hmm, that didn't sound right) doing timed digital painting challenge. It was pretty cool and pretty impressive.

Mr Goodson said...

The Massive Black video tutorials are nice. Gnomon has some good ones.