Friday, May 09, 2008

Spider-Man, Iron Man and Hulk CG "Cartoon" Adventure

This is pretty cool, I think.

Higher Res version of first third found here:


Mr Goodson said...

WOW! That was better than the movie. All three of them. The Hulk is especially better realized. Great shot composition throughout that short. Dug the look as well. Just shy of the uncanny valley with Stark by virtue of style.

Tom, anytime you want to embed with youtube, go to the right of the video and there is a window with the html that says "embed." CP that into the post.

rickart said...

I agree with Ellis on all counts... really fun and cool. The dialog was extra corny, but other than that, way cool.

Thanks for sharing!

Davis Chino said...

I couldn't get past the bad animation/bad rigging of models. I was not such a fan of the compositions, etc. I thought each shot looked straight-by-the-book. But then, I'm an elitist...and probably also a Skrull.

But I do thank you, Tom, for sharing.