Friday, May 09, 2008

My New Blog

It's currently called "Brush Pen Breakfast," and gad I know that blows for a title, but I've been through a lot already, and none of 'em strikes me as quite right. It's a "work in progress." Any and all comments, suggestions, criticisms are welcome.

Anyhow, it's just a venue for posting the sketches I make during my morning coffee. I need structure, you see, (and caffeine), and I thought this would be a good outlet for my drawings--I don't want to clog up the TAG board with a buncha "Marty Art." Weekly post? Yes.

Everyday? No.

But if you DO want a Marty caricature everyday, juz check out BRUSH PEN BREAKFAST! Now in soy and lactose intolerant formulations!


Mr Goodson said...

Marty, I added your page to the links. Now you're always just a click away. I checked them out. Great field captures.

rickart said...

A dandy blog indeed... so what coffee house are you drawing at every morning?

Davis Chino said...


I used to pooh-pooh SBUX. But now I have to say, after talking to many people who have worked there, and even those who work there still, it sounds like a very good company.

Their environment is the most pleasant for drawing and lounging. Good music, good atmosphere, lots of customer churn providing an interesting parade of faces; also, the challenge of documenting the "faces and frippery of the (SBUX) coffee crowd" appeals to me--a demographic that is so often cited, often maliciously--what does it really look like?

And (full disclosure) we own a little stock.

Glad you guys liked it. Please tell a friend!

rickart said...

Okay, with that revelation out of the way, now you need to tell us what you are drinking?

In the interest of full discloser I must confess that my wife has me hooked on 'soy, no water chai'.

Tom Carroll said...

What the heck is a drink that is "no water?" Some things I will never get ... Love the work, Marty! I need to get back to a weekly Tuesday posting ... ;-)

Tom Moon said...

Wonderful blog Marty. I look forward to seeing a steady stream of sketches from you. Also maybe we will see some more of your comic work there as well.

rickart said...

No water means that it's just soy milk and liquid chai mix... no water added. Actually, I think they put a shot of vanilla syrup in there as well.

Davis Chino said...

TAG peoples, thanks for the support. I am trying to keep up with a one-post-a-day pace on the BRUSH PEN BREAKFAST blog.

But my heart will always be here, in TAG-land.

Rick, I posted my drink of choice--on the blog!

rickart said...

OH jeez, you mean I need to look at the pretty drawings AND read?!