Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Cowboy Fans Gun


Davis Chino said...

Funny you drew this and posted it because last night Blair and I watched a "Rockford FIles" episode where Jim and Dennis move in on some crooked cops and when Dennis cautions jim to watch where he's aiming, Jim sarcastically asks, "You mean when I fan this?"

And he acts it out.

Very funny.

And quite a coincidence.

Mr Goodson said...

You and John D MacDonald, huge Rockford Files fans.

James Garner the second most charismatic, part Indian, Oklahoman I know of.

Of course, the first is Jim Gorham.

rickart said...

Hey Surlybird, if you have any native american in you, I think you should be insulted for not being included!

Are you guys watching Rockford on DVD or something?

Speaking of 70's stars, the family and I saw Henry Winkler at a book signing in Menlo Park last Friday. Nice guy, really great with kids.

Mr Goodson said...

I'm the Okie Rick. With maybe a smidge of Indian. Ronnie is an Arkie. With probably slightly more Indian.

rickart said...

Oh that's right! How stupid of me! Sorry Ronnie!

Davis Chino said...

Since my birthday in April, I can now boast of owning the entire Rockford ouerve on DVD.

A damn fine way to cap an evening.

And I am 1/4 Okie myself (hence my physical comeliness).