Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Filter Fun


rickart said...

I love this guy... He reminds me of some sort of character actor... is he based on someone or just made up?

Davis Chino said...

The filter gives a really cool look to this whole thing. Are you becoming an expert at Photoshop, El? How about a Ben-Day dot experiment.

I really like this look. Cool how the notebook lines become part of the "hatching".

Mr Goodson said...

I made up the character. He looks klike a Hammer movie regular I can't name. I feel like I know a lot of photoshop but there is so much to know. Recently someone shared some brushes (by Dorothy). Homemade brushes that were quite good at behaving like painter oil brushes. I 've yet to learn al;l the things that can be done with brush creation