Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Mokosos Scribbling Wall

A guy here at High Moon decided to start up a sketch club called the Mokosos Scribbling Wall on Blogger (Mokosos is 'snot-nosed' in Spanish) where one person comes up with a topic each week and you have until the following Monday to post your sketch or painting or whatever. The results so far have been highly entertaining. Since alphabetically Benefiel came first I got to choose the inaugural topic, so I chose 'Woman/girl crying while eating'. The following weeks' was 'Gargantuan proportions'. Above you can see my entries. Again, Ellis, I hope you don't mind that I used you as inspiration on the second one.

This weeks' topic: 'Dangerous flight'.


Mr Goodson said...

I've got a theme for you.

Your face and my ass.

Funny stuff. Thanks for posting them here.

Tom Moon said...

Scott, if this means you will have drawings like this to post regularly, I'm very glad that you guys started a sketch club.

Scotty Buncake said...

Thanks man. The good thing about it is now I'll have more than enough sketches for an ashcan for the Con instead of scrounging around for scraps. Plus there's the new fanbase I'll pull in because apparently I created the Cloverfield monster. Awesome!

Mr Goodson said...

The "REJECTED Cloverfield Monster design" is getting close to a hundred hits. No comments yet. I think I'm up to 9000 hits. If I could figure out how to get ten dollars from 9000 people in two weeks I'd buy some new socks.