Tuesday, January 01, 2008


I'm always late to the party. I guess this has been promoted since the last Con. I stumbled onto this after watching the Sarah Silverman show and I did a Rob Schrab search. I think everyone would be interested in Schrab's page a day approach from his VLOGs.

I've embedded that one. I've made the title a link back to the whole site.

I found it interesting but mainly the cold mackeral slap across the face is, that if a guy wants to be doing comic books, he'll probably have to find a way to be doing it full time. Doug and Rob have been able to do it because they stepped off, found a way to make money that didn't require full time jobs, and can settle into a ritual that entails a ten hour day to do a finished , single page.

Explore the page and look at VLOG 4. On that one he talks with Doug about their differing but similar approaches.

I guess this is just about to hit the stands. I'll have to check it out.


Surly Bird said...

Speaking of Schrab, the Schmitzes, Romi and I all watched "Monster House" (a 2006 gift from SOE) on DVD last night. I looked ont the back of the DVD box and Schrab was a co-writer. Not sure if it's the same Schrab, but I think it probably is.

Surly Bird said...

Doh. He mentions in the vlog he worked on "Monster House." It be the same dude.

Mr Goodson said...

It is the same dude. Who I distinctly remember saying he hated comic books back in the mid 90s when he was selling them.download heatvision and jack sometime if you've never seen it. It was a pilot that lots of people thought was brilliant but didn't make it past the greenlight people