Friday, January 11, 2008

Hiya Kiddies,

I haven't posted in awhile so here's a pin-up I did for no particular reason. Again, the lesson is 'don't piss off a nymph.' I'll post another drawing I did this weekend or on Monday.

Ellis is poo. Jeff is merely bemusing. Rick is... well.


Mr Goodson said...

You date yourself with the curly phone cord for the bulky headphones. Too bad. It's the best part.

Nice piece. A great compilation addition.

Tom Moon said...

Scott, will you be compiling and publishing a book with all the wonderful drawings you've shown us on TAG? Please do.

rickart said...

“…Well” what?

… Wildly talented? …the owner of a biting wit? …Outstandingly cool? …who we all aspire to be like?

I’ve got more if you need them. :)

I second the request for a Buncake sketchbook!

Jeff said...

Sketchbook? How about prints??? Oh and i cold psychoanalyze your drawings but some things are better left unsaid. ...:-P