Friday, January 12, 2007

Watch the Doodles Appear Daddio!

Artis Elio House shows how easy it is to draw.

Here's a link to his website:

Elio House


Mr Goodson said...

Great way to get the old UPA look. Put down blobs and then doodle close but not scrupulously close to the suggested shape. Great stuff. Who's the artist?

Skribbl said...

I edited to post now to include a link.

Did you notice in the video how he holds his pencil?iIsn't that a weird way to hold it? Or maybe that's the secret to drawing like that?

Mr Goodson said...

He might be a freak. They never show his face

Tom Moon said...

Really cool!
Here is the link to his flickr page. Apparently he started doing this because he used a blank piece of paper as a test page for his watercolors. He felt guilty about throwing out the paper afterwards and so started doodling on them.

rickart said...

Yeah, I used to do "scrap paintings" when I was in school... I'd have a bunch of mixed paints left over from a large piece I would be working on, so I'd grab a canvas that I didn't like and paint something new on it with what ever colors I had handy. I just couldn't stand allowing those acrylics to go to waste!

Tom Moon said...

I also like his little daily watercolors collection.