Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Ron Mueck

Coolness alert!

Ron Mueck Washington Post Gallery




Mr Goodson said...

That Sculpture is amazing. The detail on the blue jeans is incredible

Tom Moon said...

So does he use a 3D body scanner hooked into a computerized mold maker?

TopCat said...

I'm lost now ... don't know how this happened, but I tried to get up on Google and I think I did, but now when I try to remember how to make a post ... it used to be that I went to ... that would work, but now I get some sort of instruction page ... So I'm lost. Any suggestions?

rickart said...

yes... you need to sign in first. There is a little "sign in" hypertext on the right side of the "blogger" banner. Click on that and sign in WITH YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS, not your old Blogger handle, and with your Google pasword. Then you should be good to go.