Monday, January 08, 2007

New 300 Trailer

  • New 300 Trailer

    rickart said...

    Man, those are some buff solders! I didn't know they had exersize equipment in those days...

    meh... I'm afraid I'm not that thrilled by this film. I think that Miller can be an interesting story teller, but I'm not always very interested in the stories he has to tell. His stuff always seems a little too testosterone soaked for my taste.

    Has anyone seen Children of Men yet?


    Tom Moon said...

    Heh, they did have dumbbells, but no anaebolic steroids. They probably just ate hearts of bull to look that way... glorious abdominals.

    Great term - "testosterone soaked"! And such dialogue,



    Nice visuals though. I think the movie would work as a ten minute trailer.

    Have not heard about Children of Men 'til now. Just looked at the trailer. Think it will be good?

    Tom Moon said...

    Hey, this really was one macho culture. According to Wikipedia there were contests to see who could take the most severe flogging, an ordeal known as diamastigosis.

    "The cult of Orthia gave rise to diamastigosis (from diamastig├┤, 'to whip harshly'), where Ephebos were flogged, as described by Plutarch, Xenophon, Pausanias, and Plato. Cheeses were piled on the altar and guarded by adults with whips. The young men would attempt to get them, braving the whips."

    The cheese, the whips, the blood; why haven't the Olympics revived this sport?

    rickart said...

    Oh my God! What a great idea... and think of the product placement! The US Diamastigosis Open, sponsored by Kraft!

    I've heard very good things about Children of Men... and the director has a couple of good films behind him.

    Skribbl said...

    It's a good thing I'm lactose intolerant!

    What about Pan's Labyrinth?? I want to see that!

    BTW how did you get back on to Blogger? I know how I did it but Jim is having problems getting back on.

    Tom Moon said...

    I just created a Google account and now sign in with the new username and password now. It should prompt you to do so. By the way, the "delete comment" garbage can that usually appears with each of these comments is gone for me here at my work computer. It does appear at home where I have a newer version of Internet Explorer. Anybody else have this?

    And here they said nothing would change... they're big liars and their pants are on fire.

    Tom Moon said...

    What th'?! The garbage can just now reappeared with that last post!

    surlybird said...

    I read a review of "300" and it was not kind. Looks good, major story changes from the comic and slow-mo every 2 minutes. I got that vibe from the trailer and it kind of turned me off seeing it.

    If it doesn't work at 60 FPS, chances are it doesn't work at all.