Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Back to Art School

Well, I'm taking Ken Goldman's portraiture and head study class on Monday nights. Last night was my first class. SOE is graciously paying for it so I'm going to take advantage of this benefit from now on. Taking a class is the only way to actually insure that I will set aside the three hours once a week and practice!

The streakiness of the paper was a result of flaws in the scanning process, but I thought it looked like I laid down a watercolor wash as a background and I kind of liked it. I started out drawing in blue pencil as an undersketch, but that soft blue pencil felt so good, I couldn't stop using it.

There's somewhat of a resemblance between the drawing and the model, but I've never had the knack for nailing likenesses precisely. Hopefully none of you will ever see her side by side with the drawing.

I wish I could caricature like Mort Drucker.


Skribbl said...

Cool drawing Tom. I like that you added kept that background. It has that 1800's look. Awesome that work pays for this class.

rickart said...

Yes..., with 3 hours a week, I guess we will be seeing LOTS of drawings!

Nice work... I'm not sure I've seen work like this from you. I always think of you as Mr. persision! ;)

Davis Chino said...


Is that Natalie? I like it a lot. It has a "feel" to it.

Remember, a portrait is a drawing where something's wrong with the upper lip....

Tom Moon said...

I don't remember her name, but she announced to the class that she had changed her name. I don't remember what her changed name was either, except that it had a new age-y, Indian-esque, spiritual kind of quality to it.