Saturday, February 25, 2006

Pitch This

A sketch done several years ago.

I rediscovered it on a week that I just turned in a pitch to Frederator @ Nickelodeon.

This was going to be part of a pitch. All about Carnies that have two forms, their marginally human form and then their really alien form.

The characters shown are actually one character, both his incarnations being depicted.


Character Designs done for Will Vinton studio about 6 or 7 years ago. Definitely my idea of fun freelance. They apparently did the commercial with a Harryhausen stop motion technique but it was Italian or something and didn't play in our markets.

Programmer Art

Instead of posting some of my art, I'm posting art by Brian Bellfield. An example of how creative the people are in the video game industry. This is the painting of a Programmer. A very good programmer. One of the jokes in Video games is to call bad art, programmer art.

I also wanted to move my head down from the top of the page. I think I'll do one more post to move it well down.