Monday, February 27, 2006

We French, We Love Zee Fashions

A sketchbook tribute to Ms. Elsa Schiaparelli. Mr. Goodson's favorite designer, I believe. Mine fer sure. "Daughter named Gogo," it says (true story).

That's Mae West with the dog.

A hearty hello to all from this happy ex-pat, and a merci for the chance to post.

I promise not to abuse it.

Or have I already? Ooops.


SkinFlynt said...

SWEET! Have you gone completely native? A beret wearing, street sketching piece of local color? That is a great sketch. You can't abuse posting with more of those. everybody go to Marty's Blog and check out his work out gym.

Tom Moon said...

What a great drawing! Really masterful. Please keep posting; it's very inspiring.

rickart said...

Abuse away! We crave abuse!

Great to see you here!

Dok said...

That's just a wonderful page Marty! Keep 'em coming! My folks will love to see that too. Although I can never really explain to their satisfaction just what a "blog" is.

Glad to see you're making the most of your environs. But we miss you here, in our little cubes, eating out little freedom fries.

Skribbl said...

Marty Bienvenu ! ! Grand pour voir que le démuni de Vichy a reniflé hors de votre créativité ! ! Illustrez sur le frère !

rickart said...

Skribbl! You spoke French! I love it when you speak French!

... whoops, sorry, I was channeling Gomez there for a sec...

Mr Goodson said...

Babel Fish Translation

Welcome Marty! ! Large to see that stripped of Vichy reniflé out of your creativity! ! Illustrate on the brother!

Davis Chino said...

Wow, what a gratifying and encouraging welcome. Thanks you guys! And thank you Mr. Goodson for translating Monsieur Skribbl's comments: it was great to find someone who writes French the way I speak it.

Though I cannot say my vocabulary includes the word "reniflé". Could it mean, "wiper of other peoples' bottoms?"