Tuesday, February 07, 2006


The slightest invitational gesture was all Ollie
needed to begin his interpretive
"red apron dance."


Mr Goodson said...

Brilliant. Did the words prompt the drawing or the drawing inspire the whimsy writing? Do we need to know? Of course not. Funny

Dok said...

Thanks Ellis! Pictures first, then words on this one.

rickart said...

It kinda looks like a self portrait, Dok... another atractive drawing!

You never told me if you are still selling any drawings!

Skribbl said...

Dok! This isn't a forum for posting your diary entries!!!


Just kiddin' cool stuff!

Dok said...

Ach! Deiter's Diary is for ze whole vorld! Now it iz time... for my hairshirt... wit ze buckles.

But thanks! Sometimes the fastest and simpliest things come out okay.