Thursday, February 23, 2006

The Future?

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Sand Fantasy

Somebody sent this to me and it's funny how it's almost the same thing in a way.

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Multi-Touch Interaction Research


Mr Goodson said...

I think the link is broke. What is it?

rickart said...

It's a screen that you interact with using your fingers. It appears they have a lot of different software to inable you to do different things... games, image processing and general fingerpainting. It's pretty cool... very much like the computer screens in Minority Report.

Skribbl said...

fixed the links! Sorry.

Mr Goodson said...

Wow, very impressive. The very last demo was almost a video game, a puzzle game of some sort. But video games designed for that kind of interface could potentially be very interesting. Hands on car wheel for instance. Targeting with your finger onto an Non Playeable Enemy that's AI makes it jump and elude the touch. It might be kind off hard on the legs though, it looks like the only comfortable way to use a touch screen that large would be the Minority report standing posture. It would definitely be fun to paint that way.

Skribbl said...

If this touch screen takes off, everone in the future will either have huge muscular arms and shoulders OR some repetative rotator cuff injury. GOL! *guffaws out loud*