Saturday, February 25, 2006

Pitch This

A sketch done several years ago.

I rediscovered it on a week that I just turned in a pitch to Frederator @ Nickelodeon.

This was going to be part of a pitch. All about Carnies that have two forms, their marginally human form and then their really alien form.

The characters shown are actually one character, both his incarnations being depicted.


Rickart said...

So did you pitch in person? How did it go? What did you learn? Give us some dirt!

Davis Chino said...

Holy crap, Ellis, it is a hilarious idea. Just the carny angle alone is brilliant. And a damn funny drawing. I second Rick's request for all the dirt.

I hope you went into this pitch dressed up in yr best Carnival Barker get-up: I'm thinking Dick Van Dyke in the "Jolly Holiday" sequence of Mary Poppins", while dancing with the penguins--y'know, straw hat and cane and stripped coat.

You killed, I just know it.

Mr Goodson said...

No, No. This is an old drawing that I thought i'd pitch. i missed the deadline for pitches done in person and had to settle for sending it in. It was 50 pages, 3 panels a page, very nicely formated with very quick storytelling sketching. The one I pitched is called Half Dog, All Nuts. The series would have been called Junkyard Split. I'll scan it and turn it into a Flash page turner this weekend and give you guys a link. Basically, in Pops Junkyard (One Man, One Dog, A Lot Of Junk) there has been a management change brought on by a disaster. Pops is dead and the Dog has been two dogs. One's got the Robot Head and the Other has the Robot Body. And they are fierce rivals with their split down the middle junkyard. i think it came out well. No less an authority than Mike Dietz thought it was funny. But I sure wanted that acting it out edge.

Rickart said...

That sounds really boss, Mr. G.! I'd watch that show! Especially before all the *blank* teenagers shows that seem to be the flavor of the month at Nick and Disney channel... you know what I mean:
Bug teenagers, secret agent teenagers, superhero teenages, dog teenagers, Mayan emperor teenagers (whoops, sorry skribbl!). The kid channels are lousy with shows about thinly disguised teenagers!

Mr Goodson said...

Rick, Marty , If you check back, here's the reaction I got. It's pretty positive but no cigar.

Hi there Ellis,

I wanted to get back to you about your pitch, "Half Dog-All Nuts:
Junkyard Split" for Oh Yeah Cartoons Season 4.

I thought that the storyboard was very well drawn, and easy to follow.
There are some issues that are preventing me from being able to give it
an immediate
greenlight (virtually no shorts are given an immediate green light, by
the way. I think it was about 2 this season out of 39. Usually it is a
back and forth process with

I found your two main characters very similar, both in appearance and
attitude. This made it confusing during some parts to really understand
who to root for. I
wasn't really rooting for either one, since both were greedy and
disagreeable. If you are doing a picture where one character is pitted
against each other there is
usually a clear good guy, and a clear bad guy. If they're both bad,
make their characteristics distinctive. Make me want to root for one or
the other.

We are wrapping up pitches for this season at the end of the week, and
so unfortunately there isn't time for me to go back and forth with you
on this board. I have
been encouraging filmmakers that there will be another season of Oh
Yeah! shorts soon, and to feel free to follow up with me as to when that
becomes official.

Thanks so much for your hard work, and I look forward to keeping in


Melissa Wolfe