Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Caricature Pain

I agreed to do a gratis caricaturing gig last Saturday night to help out our little local Episcopal church...it was brutal. I went into it so filled with hubris but I fired blanks all night and I haven't been able to do a proper drawing since. Some of the less miserable efforts below. Had to turn to color to cover my lack of creativity and (worse still) acuity.

Here's an example of a decent one. Done months before, when I was good.

I've been stewing in self-doubt and self-loathing ever since....at least I got to talk to Ellis on Sunday. Thanks for giving me a lift, El!


Tom Moon said...

Ellis picked you up? Where are you? Where is he?

MrGoodson2 said...

I like that we have the tag leading Episcopalians to the Blog.

We talked on Skype Tom. Marty is trying to strongarm me to show at the ComicFest in Feb. I told Ben Montag about me, maybe, table sitting for Marty.

And Ben became the tax collector in the movie Popeye. I have to only sell Marty and I have to be me. But I get a discount.

Sounds OK but I'll want this planned out to where it doesn't hit me too deep in the wallet.

Marty, your stuff is always going to strike people as magic even if your perfectionist self is quibbling about the quality.

BDMontag said...

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BDMontag said...

Tax collector in Popeye?!! If I let you just jump in to Marty's seat doing all Ellisy things without the proper authorization it will be chaos, man, CHAOS!!

You can sell Ellis with your own table namecard and everything by FILLING OUT AN APPLICATION. I promise you, you will get to share a table with Marty gratis.

Marty, the guy with the big schnoz had a big schnoz, the lady with heavy eyelids (and not an insignificant schnoz too) had heavy eyelids, and the redhead was given big, medieval hooters. Who can be dissatisfied with that? They all looked happy and the likenesses were better than 99.3% (scientifically provable) of the zoo/legoland type caricaturists out there. If you need more bucking up, I can show you how Dave Stevens, Comic Fest's PAID caricaturist and caricaturist for a living, just blew the likeness of Jackie and me at the Fest. You didn't even come close to blowing the likenesses from what you have shown here.