Thursday, September 08, 2016

21 !

I've got 21 stories written. Here's the last 10 from that thread about 5 blog entries down.
I'm obviously going too fast but I think the little tales are OK.

It's going to be quite a crunch getting it done by Halloween and OafCon.

10 more to go.

I've got some commission work and another job from Enworld I have to do as well.
Being busy is a good way to get things done. I hope.

The Enworld assignment start.
I'll probably take this into photoshop for some tone before I print it out and trce it. It also requires that it set on a card design.
One day turn around thoughts. As I was doing this, I thought it would be cool if the dragon chamber was a mountain of human skulls. I was going to hand design my own tarot card border and instead stole it from the web ( it was watermarked too )
No one was asking me for one day turn around, I just like to make it short and sweet for the money (40 bucks)  I also didn't go very hard at the redraw.
I still want to be proud of the result but I also want parity close to the pay.
Got another one. Always nice to get a couple vs a single.


JMG said...

Like the color on this. Very nice. Was the border provided or did you do that separately?

MrGoodson2 said...

Thanks. I got it from the web, the border. It was watermarked but I used one corner of it and manipulated it a bit. So , I stole it.