Friday, September 26, 2014

Weezner liked it

Great description of what I arrived at style-wise with TROPHY.
Didn't have room for the Monomyth in that one. 
Or maybe we did.
Board game - Heroes Journey
Not a bad idea
 I'm going to read a little Campbell Monomyth and then do some writing and creativity toward revisiting my JUNKYARD SPLIT- carton dog story. It will be my first attempt at a finished web comic. For my new, specially designed Blog I was showing off earlier.

Had a headache. Scanning this and putting tone on it helped. It's cropped. It has a whole bunch of loose linked ideas off to the left of the sketch. 

Color added. Just goofing. What I did that was useful was make some great notes.
I'm going to make sketches of modular junkyard parts. Junk brushes so I can quickly populate backgrounds. And a lot of character notes.


Davis Chino said...

Love hearing that you're working on some stories--and I certainly remember "Junkyard Split" (a title that reminds me everytime I hear it of the Eastern Block soccer team "Hadjuk Split"...which is cool!).

But seriously--if I had a nickel for every bad story that's based on "the hero's journey," I would well and truly be Bill Gates-ian in my wealth.

Yeah, yeah, yeah--I know: EVERYTHING worth making (or buying, or selling) is s'posed to fit this grand theory of "the hero." But it leads to so much flaccid, uninteresting, un-inspired dreck.

More than anything, it's the way this particular theory is always presented to me--as some kind of sure-fire, "get-rich-quick" formula for making art--that really grates on me.

Sure, it helps as a template to use when evaluating what you've already written, and how (or why) it may or may not be working....

Maybe my problem is I've just heard--and read--way too many TERRIBLE stories that are retroactively justified as fitting the requirements of this theory...sorry if I'm too harsh! 'Cuz I want you to keep writing! You know I love yr stories (whether they've been Campbell-souped or not)!

Davis Chino said...

And can I ask in all seriousness: have we seriously reached the point where it is just accepted as gospel fact that Star Wars not only represents the popular zenith of our storytelling art, but maybe its most meaningful and profound expression?

As opposed to a silly, standard-issue narrative with (for the time) really good sound design and special effects?

Because all this Star Wars canonization has to be about something else...right??

MrGoodson2 said...

I'm with you Marty. Especially as it relates to endings. Siege movies, Noir detective stories. They don't pay off with glorious returns from heroic journey.
Horror movies, the hero is the monster. The movie ends when the monster dies.
And if you smell the template being applied, it ruins it. Just like you said.
I just want juices flowing for some additional notes. I'm going to mind map it, do a lot of extra character notes. I've decided the robo-head dog is a cat lover. The dog-head dog is a cat hater. Brilliant stuff like that. I'll share the mindmap after I do it. Might be of interest and you guys may want to give me notes that I use.

And yes. The votes are in. Stare Wars sucks. Stories just need to have things happen because they are character driven.

Show it- don't have the Emperor narrate it.

Tom Moon said...

Anyone know how to give Weeze the ability to post without going through comment moderation?

Davis Chino said...

Elz! I don't mean to say Star Wars sucks--not the first one, anyways..err, the fourth one, I mean..??

I just wanted to ask if I am right in perceiving this elevation of S.W. to not only the most popular movie ever, but the very best. And if so, why? Just 'cuz it's made the most money/spawned the most spin-offs and merch?

Maybe it's not viewed as the best, but it's viewed as the most worthy of emulation...or the movie most likely to teach an aspiring storyteller some kind of magic formula for guaranteed popular success.

Or something.

Davis Chino said...

And Elz--yr comment contains so many pithy Goodsonisms! "Show it--don't have the Emperor narrate it."


I love yr cat-love/cat-hater set-up.

There is a real "Ruff n' Reddy", Hanna-Barbera appeal to "Junk Yard Split." Can totally see it animated!

MrGoodson2 said...

I believe Rick - Jeff Ranjo- maybe even me, just have to invite him by email. From somewhere in the blog dashboard. I'll look at it.

MrGoodson2 said...

That last message was to Tom about Weezner.

Marty. Thanks for the comments.They help me get back on track.

I've had a rough day. Made me a nervous wreck. And all it involved was being sociable to an Aunt.

Just feeling like a cornered rat lately. No choices.

MrGoodson2 said...

I just invited Weezner to be an author.

Davis Chino said...

Thanks for taking care of the Weezner invite. Love to hear his contributions to the board. And maybe he'll share some of his video game design book with us!

BDMontag said...

I don't get this post. Is there a "previously on Ellis TAG posts..." somewhere where I can catch up.

MrGoodson2 said...

Ben. Have you ever heard the words "You just don't get it?"

Kidding. The very first of the post is a link- BACK to my post of the Trophy story. There Weezner comments on the story. Comparing it to House Of Mystery, which I like. He's probably thinking Giordano. But Jeff Jones and Wrightson were also regular contributors. I think Mignola squeezed a few in too.

Weezner used to work with several of us at Blue Sky. And is still a game designer. Click his blogs and check out his game design book WIP.

BDMontag said...

Thanks, I need the Ellis Wiki to keep up.