Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Some ECCC Hi (and Lo) Lights

For whatever reason, I was really struggling with my normal brushpen of choice, the black-ink'ed Muji. So I pulled out a scratchy old ochre Tombo for some of these, and usually the results came off pretty well. Here's Tiana--like The Frog Princess, tho' she came first!

As documented on Facebook, I wound up doing a slew of pet portraits--never with just a single dog or cat as the subject, but with at least two mammals interacting. I learned that pet owners are, without exception, a much harder audience than any parent or "lover" asking me to produce a likeness of their loved one(s). I was sweating bullets!! And I'm not even good at quadrapeds. Definitely, definitely need to "bone up" on my dogs and cats before going to another 'Con...that, or just refuse to do any more animal portraits!

World's worst Venom drawing (I wanted to impress with my superhero skills, so I asked the guy his favorite--he said Venom. "Venom!" I think "He's so EASY!" Pfft. Then I pull this dogbone....):

Rick and I were seated across from Jose Delbo, a name I wasn't familiar with, but who turned out to have penciled something like 500 plus issues for DC--he had a lot of Wonder Woman--the classic 60's/70's look, like the TV show. Really, really nice stuff. And just a sweetheart of a guy. He was there with his wife Maybelle and his daughter...I did this crayon caricature for them. He did a couple of funny drawings of me that I will scan and post soon.

We had a great time! In a day or two I'll write more on some practical thoughts on ECCC like having a table, etc...


MrGoodson2 said...

Ok, it's settled. The next local Okie con I go to. It's all about originals. People don't want books or comics. They want that artwork commission.
What did you charge?
I'm opening up another page to look at large versions of the art. I jumped the gun on reacting.

Great drawings. The canines look good. But I wonder how much is a slew? Cats seem like they'd be tough.

Not a bad Venom with no ref. He has a bullet head and more wrap around eyes. But yours gets the job done.

I think Scott Sackett doing his personalized Zombies gets 20 bucks per individual zombie portrait. Double that if two people want the treatment.

The Wonder Woman artist looks cool. I want to see his take on you. Looks like a fun con.

More random pictures.

Rickart said...

Yeah, I think I'm going to go this route on the next con myself.

BDMontag said...

Holy shit! Jose Delbo was my drawing teacher the one year I was at Kubert. He was hard as hell to please. I can still hear him saying "Bec to work." That and "Tunder kets." Glad he's still alive.