Monday, March 31, 2014

ECCC wrap up part one

I'm hoping Tom and Marty get on here soon and post loads of pictures.  I'm pretty tired, so I will be brief... Marty and I did well.  Marty did particularly well doing lots of drawing of people and pets(!).
I sold some comics, although not as many as I would have like.  Marty and I did a Post Mortem and we have a lot of analysis and ideas for next year.  I'll share some of our observations once I'm a bit more rested, less busy and my computer is functional again.  We had a great visit with Marty, Tom and Patty!  Miss you guys already!


MrGoodson2 said...

Looking forward to that wrap up and you and Marty's strategy notions. Like Jim is complaining about. By the time I make it to Emerald Con, there will be no crazy crowd difference between it and San Diego.

Glad some good visiting was done.

JMG said...

Yeah! I complain GOOD! But these Cons are just getting too big and the venues just can't contain them anymore. It's Funny, Comic, Sci-Fi, Cosplay and the other related things that NONE of the Hotel and Convention Center monkeys never figured would have gotten this massive. Who really saw it coming? Nadda.

MrGoodson2 said...

Sorry you didn't move more books Rick.

I've been to a couple of local cons here in Oklahoma City. Each time seated next to Scott Sackett, doing con-goer-as-Zombie commissions.

Made 10 times what anyone else was making selling books.

The personalized original, people willing to pay the extra bucks.

They'll get their books from the library or Amazon.

Rickart said...

You got that right, Ellis!

Davis Chino said...

Rick, I am once again indebted to you and the family Schmitz for housing, feeding and transporting my demanding carcass.

A really good time, (but more stressful than last year--more pressure, maybe??). It's a very popular Con, but not as claustrophobia-inducing as SD has been for the last ten years. They've found some off-site areas for expansion and that seemed to be successful. The focus remains on the books and the artists, and they have a really well-integrated floor--none of the ghetto-ization of artists' alley that SD's become notorious for....

We'll talk more about all this, for sure. Thanks for getting the ball rollin', Schmitty!