Thursday, September 05, 2013

Finished Yogi Bust

Done and delivered. Did this new one from a mold of the original, which I'd sculpted and cast back in 2005. New one is going into an actual Ashram (!) out in the wilds of Escondido, to be seen by many (as opposed to private home where first bust lives). Hopefully other devotees of Practice? Religion? (Self-Realization Fellowship, a.k.a. "Swami's" in Encinitas) will want to order copies.

(As an aside, this pic was taken when I pulled off at the Carlsbad Outlet mall on my way down to San Diego to drop these off--the mall has a cool, faux-Renaissance staircase out back. It was early morning, so I yanked the bust out of the back of the car, plunked it down and snapped this shot before security found me. Guerrilla art!) 


Surly Bird said...

How awesome is this? Really amazing, Marty! I used to live about half a mile away from the Carlsbad mall and occasionally had breakfast at a place next to Swami's. Wonderful sculpt!

MrGoodson2 said...

Looks ready to crack out of his concrete prison and walk to the beach. Beautiful. Great lighting.
Looks nothing like Micahel Caine. I hope you get some new orders. That would be perfect. Great conversation starter at Party's too. Which would just sell more.

MrGoodson2 said...

"at Party's too" Not even sure what language rules I was using for that fragment.

Davis Chino said...

El, file that one under "Goodson's Grammar Good'ns"!

And thanks fer the kind words, my brothers!

Rickart said...

Yeah, I love this photo... clever setting and nice lighting. It's a terrific sculpt. What's the scale of this?
Here's a dumb question... does anyone out there watch Face Off on The SciFry channel? It's a competition show with make up artists creating prosthetics on given themes. This show doesn't have the snarkiness of a lot of 'reality' TV, and it's pretty interesting to see artists in action, particularly when it's sculpture, painting, character design and storytelling all wrapped up together. Seeing this sculpture made me think to bring it up.

Davis Chino said...

Thanks Rick. I've seen a few minutes of the show you mention, and yes, really talented people.

On a related note, Blair and I did watch an almost complete episode of the Cos Play "reality" show that's a sort of spin-off, (also on SyFy)--so strange to see the way these mini-societies with their hierarchies and rules spring up. There's an episode that takes place at the E.C.C.C. we attended, but we missed it!.

Re: sfx work (something I've misguidedly got almost zero interest in doing): I think the things they do are "sculpts"; this bronze is a sculpture. (WINK)

Davis Chino said...

...and the scale is a little over life-sized (probably a 12" tall skull?). And the pic did come out cool, didn't it? (which was just plain luck--I'm a notoriously bad photographer). Almost looks like a tourist's postcard from the long-ago days of Kodachrome!